The Girl Who Played With Fire

What is the most urgent crisis in our world? Sexual abuse seems to get the moral attention of the media and then our attention. I know that murder and terrorism rates high along with economic collaps but it does not have the same emotional value as sexual assault of women or maybe women and children. Maybe it is just me but as a man I can’t help but feel responsible for the perceived vulnerability of women. Somehow if I don’t affirm the woman I am responsible for her retched feeling I get into trouble. How do I know? It does not come through a natural empathy to their feelings it comes through their words and body language that I half understand in my rational or semi rational brain. Go figure. CBC and the other mainstream media increasingly cover the events of the world, or not,from an emotional and feminist perspective. It seems that since Jian Gomeshi was fired from the CBC for what amounted to extreme political incorrectness, he was aquited of rape, I hear few men and fewer masculine points of view on the feninist government radio station. I suppose in a capitalistic society the comercial radio should reflect the listenersip or the consumers with the money. That could be mainly females. Recently a female journalist interviewed a female lawyer and it surprised me that the lawyer actually defended the decision of the courts in the Gomeshi case inspite of the groundswell reported by the feminist media to crisify the guy. Credibility of the accuser/witness be they male or female or of a different culture or religion is still on the statutes in regard to evidence and in theory inocense is still assumed without credible evidence. Did justice serve Gomeshi or Cosby or other accused men? Well they still lost their jobs and were crusified in the media. I am not surprised at the number of women interviewed and broadcast who said “I don’t care if he was found innocent, he should still go to jail and the discredited “victim’ is villified”
Back in the olden days when I was young, convicted rapists and men who had sex with girls 18 or under went to jail and got beat by a paddle. Often men who beat women but didn’t didn’t have their day in court that cost a million dollars had the crap beat out of them by a neigbour or relitive or maybe even the cops. Did that work, i can’t prove it but women’s rights advocates would have us believe that a majority of women have been abused by a man and back then in prudish time they were just to afraid to report it. No proof but men are still guilty and the credibility of the female should never be questione; should it? Even willing victims or prostitues are victims arn’t they? If i try to protect a woman i might be accused of being a chauvanist and if i fail to protect her I am accused of neglect. While women’s rights advocates march on to victory the women in my family continue to seem more vulnerable and unhappy compared to my mother and my sisters 50 years go. Statistics seem to bear it out that the general level or happyness and optimism is less now then back then when verginity was imposed on women utill marriage. Guess what when women were shamed into chasity we boys had little choice but to remain vergins, at least in body if not mind. Sexually free women should be happer, right? Reality tells us that sexually free women are not happier and if happiness is important then the right of free sex may not be the answer in spite of what some men would like to think. For much of a man’s life getting sex is often an obsession but we men are always focused on care and pleasing women, that is always a focus if not a distraction of life. “all you want is one thing” is an accusation of women i have desired when they are not complaining that i don’t pay any attention. I have ADD which indicates that my attention does not stay in one place or when it is misplaced in some opinions then i am accused of “not paying attention”.
My thesis here is regarding Lisbeth the girl with the dragon Tattoo or the girl who played with fire or girl James Bond who is not in her majesty’s service. She is actually Swedish and her creator is a male journalist with a concern for the victimization of the weaker sex and sex trafficking. He seems to be concerned about the real problem with rape and sex slavery and traffic and not the Trumped up false news of a thirty year old comment that was made to a locker-room buddy about the with to grab a pussy. In my world we men are not only expected to love and protect our women but we see it as our purpose in life. Global socialism puts that protection of our most vulnerable under their control but reality tells us that the government does not give us justice nor is it effective in helping a victim. I am not an advocate for clan vengeance or for vigilantly justice to make people feel safe but the corrupt justice system is not the answer.
Lisbeth is a fictional character who may have a similarity to someone we know or think we know. She is a misunderstood child persecuted by the justice system, the educational system, the psychiatric medical system and the family system. She is a type. I work in the area of mental illness and they are misunderstood but who isn’t? She is a computer genius in an era when figuring computer language and hacking was an undervalued game of nerds, usually male. She was a genius with very high IQ and a photographic memory. I am a normal IQ who never fit in and I raised a daughter with severe brain injury who could not express her intelligence and I found out that we had a lot in common with genius kids who could not fit in. I married two women who I am sure had IQ’s in the 140s and they had so many social issues. Don’t we all wish we were smart but when it is as hard to live and love in a normal society it is really hard to survive sanely if you are stupid or if you are really smart because people don’t seem to want you and if they don’t want you they abuse you especially if you are smarter than them.
Is it possible to mistake a brilliant person for a retarded person. First retatded people have always been viewed as being scary or repulsive. Our psychiatric and penetenties are filled with retarded people mainly because they have reacted to a life of social rejection that have caused their antisocial behaviour. My brilliant wife has lots of stories of how she has had, in her own defence, to dumb down because coming home with straight A’s created jealousy from her sisters and friends as well as expectations from her abusive mother. We all wish we had photographic memories until we wish we could forget what we know. Superman could see through doors and buildings but in reality there is a lot of stuff i would rather not see. In Ian Flemming’s books James Bond is a troubled nerdy ordinary man who does super things, much like how the author sees himself, the troubled son of a single mom. Lizbeth is the character of Stieg Larsson who makes his female character into a super girl crusader. We men have failed to solve the problem of female abuse so who better in our imaginations to solve it is our ordinary super girl hero who can rationally tell the difference between the bad guys and good guys. The rest of the ordinary folks think she is a dangerous loose cannon mass murderer like Dirty Harry or John McLean in the Die Hard movies.
Like other male superheroes she is given a pedigree with a purpose for her crusade. In stories as in life greatness does not come out of ordinariness, although today’s superheroes don’t earn it they get it by magic. As the story unfolds we find out this ordinary troubled little girl is really the daughter of an evil Soviet spy genius who is given blanket immunity by the government and law enforcement and is responsible for getting her unjustly incarcerated into the psychiatric system in Sweden. We know the soviets and the Chinese routinely incarcerated political problems in their psychiatric wards but in the free west we like to think we use the justice system. In WEB Griffin novel about the beginning of he CIA during WW2 it was made clear if a “volunteer” sworn to secrecy decides to get out or desert they would spend the rest of the war in distant psych ward. So using psychiatric facilities and personnel to hide inconvenient government problems is not that unusual. Who has watched “one Flew Over the Cookoo’s nest. Lisbeth has been non verbal during unwanted interrogation or abuse but proves to be very well spoken when she wants to be and has been able to quickly gain computer skills and self defence skills even while under strict enforced guardianship. James bond mastered gambling skills along with dart throwing and self defence and other technical skills miraculously quickly when needed. She seems to have mastered Swedish love making as well when she can have control. Women have always been the spoils of war and human trafficking, rape and enslavement have been a norm in history of war and it is a norm in the world today but we deny here in the west. I have read the second book by Stieg Larsson and so far the heroin hates abuse and injustice in a world of abuse and injustice. She manages to save a women from an abusive and murderous husband after her wealth, she manages to unearth a horible prostitution and sex trade industry in Sweden and gets a few bad guys. What she does do is reek vengeance on those that abuse her and the guy who hurt her mom and we like that but in the end she does little to effect the corrupt justice system political system or the use of psychiatry to incarcerate inconvenient people. She does little to narrow the gender gap. The reality is the individual acts of heroism do little to change the fundamental nature of the depraved human species or the strange contradictory nature of gender interdependence. For this author to put what i call male heroic characteristics and problem solving in a feminine character makes a great story but it makes poor reality. Feminists have taken women’s safety from men (and women too) and has handed it to institution and big government and women have never felt more vulnerable, abused and unappreciated in the world. The few women generals and CEO’s should be the happiest people in the world but they aren’t. Go figure.


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